Wazakka Oroshiya JAPANGS was founded 73 years ago and is operated by Iyo Yuinoh Center that has a track record of selling to 2726 shops all over Japan.

Initially, we started as a wholesaler of betrothal gifts, and we handle general goods for betrothal gifts.

We use a large number of Japanese traditional crafted items, such as paper, dolls, cloth products, lacquerware, and hanging scrolls.

Utilizing the information of the product field that we have cultivated over many years of our business, we have successfully delivered various Japanese goods.

Product return policy

Please check the quantity of the products received and whether there are damaged goods or other problems.

We accept the refund of undamaged products. However, the customer shall cover the delivery fee. In case of refund, we will refund the amount minus the bank transfer fee.

Please understand that we may not be able to accept the returned goods if one week has passed after the arrival of the goods at your location. Also, custom products, such as those with engraved names, etc. cannot be returned. Some products are not returnable. Please check the information on the product page.